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Library & Laboratories

A school is known by two subjects – English and Mathematics. We are well aware of this. When we hear a child speak in English, the first question that we ask the child is, “Which school do you study in?” And if the scores in Mathematics is high, it means that the child takes interest in the subject and is taught well. To take care of these two subjects our school has  well equipped Laboratories and Library.

Library – To a reader, the Library is one place, which gives enormous peace. He / She can shut the world out and be contented in the sole company of books. A good book creates suspense, awakens the curiosity of the mind, gives immense satisfaction and adds to the language and vocabulary of the reader which in turn boosts confidence to a great extent. SNV Global boasts of an excellent Library and one of our aims is to motivate children to enjoy reading throughout their lives and to make it a habit.

Laboratories – A few decades ago, it was just the Computer Lab, Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab and Biology Lab. Now, we have the Math lab which makes understanding Math comparatively easier. We also have language lab, STEAM lab and design thinking studio.

Dance, Music and Art Room

The Dance room has mirrors on the walls which give the teacher and the students confidence in teaching and learning dance.

The Music Room has instruments and seating arrangements for Western and Indian Classical Music. The instruments range from the Harmonium to the Synthesizer to Tabla to Drums, Guitar and Violin.

The Art Room has easels and boards. There are areas for painting and clay modelling.

Health Room

The school has well equipped health room supervised by a certified nurse. Care is taken so that a sick or an injured child is allowed to rest in the health room . In the normal course of affairs, a good sleep does the trick. If the ailment is serious, we take care to shift the student to the hospital and the parents are immediately informed.


We encourage  healthy and nutritious food. Our school takes nutrition and the value it adds to our lives very seriously. We have this facility where the students and the teachers can have healthy meals and snacks.

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